Earl Miller believes that skilled communication is vital to exchanges and relationships for increasing productivity and effectiveness. He embodies over twenty years of experience as a leader in addressing workplace and community diversity issues.

His national and international community development and educational projects include working in:  New York City, Mexico City; Hong Kong; The Philippines; Hawaii; Kiev, Ukraine; and Beirut, Lebanon.

As a Corporate Communication Trainer, he has created curricula utilizing theory, theater games and other exercises for application in the development of organizational culture and team building. He has also designed and coordinated Multi-Cultural Experiential Learning programs for professionals.

His received acknowledgements as a bridge-builder and educator include numerous local, regional and state government recognitions, institutional and organizational awards including induction into a local governmental Human Rights/Civil Rights Hall of Fame.

He’s also:

four-time New York City Marathoner, former Rock/R&B/Jazz musician, professional actor and director, NCAA College Golf coach, and an ordained minister. He has earned Master Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Marriage/Family Therapy with professional studies’ certifications in multicultural leadership.