cross- cultural competency training

Humanity Focused Solutions’ trainings teach principles essential to interpersonal communication. Interactive group exercises are a major part of the sessions. Active participation by all workshop members is used to bring an experiential understanding of everyone’s innate resources available to them as communicators.

Our services facilitate the development of custom curricula associated with team building, external out-reach and team shortlist interview presentations. Clients value the available staff tutoring for subsequent in-house development and implementation of curriculum principles.

The Humanity Focused process for working with a client involves:

  • Initial event consultation
  • Overview of the custom services
  • Pre-event follow-up
  • Customized presentation
  • Post-presentation evaluation of services
  • Ongoing support with implementation of principles

In-house Training:

On-site, interactive workshop trainings, and project specific preparation for clients are delivered in day-long or extended modules. Due to the interactive nature of the curriculum, cohorts with a maximum of 12 – 25 participants are strongly recommended per program.

Off-site Training:

We design, coordinate and deliver custom interactive team building, professional development, and project-specific workshops. Programs can be designed for both day-long or overnight training. There are also programs for professional development organizations and conventions.

Leadership Consulting:

We help leaders to connect, build teams and effectively communicate their organizations’ visions.

Humanity Focused Solutions provides support to executive management and organizational leaders in addressing multicultural partnerships and enhanced missional objectives.  

Consultancy Curricula services include:

Interpersonal communication skills

Cross-cultural competencies related to team management

Cross-cultural recruitment

Employee retention

Cross-sector networking